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The theme group day activity of the Institute of physical education "strive to be a youth of the new era who is not afraid of the wind and rain, and bear the burden bravely"

2020-05-04 3897151

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Institute of Physical Education
"Strive to be a youth of the new era" fearless of wind and rain
Theme group day
@College of Physical Education
Group general branch secretary
In order to commemorate the 54 Patriotic Movement 101st anniversary, thoroughly carry out the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and promote "wide learning, deep understanding, precise pushing and hard work", the Sports Institute held the theme group day activities of "youth in new era" striving to be "not afraid of wind and rain and heavy burden". The teacher of the general League branch, Mr. Cheng Yao, was the keynote speaker of this group day event, serving as the Youth League member of the whole hospital. Have a lively online group lesson.
First of all, based on the core meaning and spiritual connotation of the May 4th spirit, combined with this anti epidemic Sniper War, and from the three aspects of the remarkable advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, and the great unity spirit of the Chinese people, teacher Cheng Yao made the Youth League better understand how to strengthen the "Four Consciousness", enhance the "four self-confidence", and achieve "Two maintenance".
In the League class, Mr. Cheng Yao led all the youth members to learn again "Xi Jinping's reply to all the" post-90s "party members from the Peking University's aid medical team, and from the four face-to-face talks:" firm ideals and beliefs, thick feelings of family life, responsibility and moral integrity ".
Group discussion
At the end of the class, the Youth League members exchange their experience in their respective League branches.
Everyone said: we must have a strong sense of historical urgency of "time waits for us", embody patriotism and ambition of serving the country in hard study, and contribute to better undertaking the construction of a modern socialist country, improving the soft power of national culture and spreading Chinese civilization.
As a new youth in the new era
Make clear the responsibilities and responsibilities of youth in the new era
Actively inherit the May 4th patriotic spirit
Striving to be a promising youth in the era
Struggle with perseverance
Shouldering the historical mission of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation
Copywriter: xiaoxuanxuan typesetting: Song Yang
Reviewed by: Cheng Yao
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