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[70th anniversary of Xiyou] previous review: the entrepreneurship lecture delivered by alumni Zhang Zhifa to his alma mater (47)

2020-05-03 3896967

On June 23, 2017, Zhang Zhifa, CEO of Shenzhen Penguin Network Technology Co., Ltd. and vice president and Secretary General of Shenzhen alumni branch of Xi'an University of Posts and telecommunications, returned to his alma mater to give a special lecture on entrepreneurship, sharing his personal entrepreneurial history with his classmates.
On the morning of the 23rd, President fan Jiulun met with alumni Zhang Zhifa cordially, welcomed him back to school on behalf of the school, and talked about his career development and the construction of Shenzhen alumni branch in recent years. Vice President Jia Mingyuan had a cordial discussion with alumni Zhang Zhifa, and expressed his gratitude to alumni Zhang Zhifa for returning to their alma mater to make a business report for their younger brothers and sisters. In the afternoon, an zengwang, vice president of Xi'an University of Posts and telecommunications, presented Zhang Zhifa with the letter of appointment of "innovation and entrepreneurship tutor of Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications" before the lecture.
In the lecture, Zhang Zhifa talked about the past and the present, emphasized the influence of personality and mode of thinking on career choice and career planning, and combined with his own years of experience in the industry, illustrated and illustrated to warn all students to adhere to lifelong learning, make up for the shortcomings, make continuous progress, accumulate and develop, so as to apply the accumulated knowledge to the future career. Zhang Zhifa stressed that entrepreneurship is not a hot headed and easy to say thing, but a matter that requires years of accumulation, mature opportunity and good platform. Finally, the alumni of Zhang Zhifa called on the present students to have ideals, dreams, and the most beautiful youth. The students on the spot applauded Zhang Zhifa's wonderful speech and said that they had benefited a lot from it.
The Entrepreneurship Forum was jointly held by the Youth League Committee and the alumni work office. Jing Hao, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, presided over the forum. Sui he, deputy director of the alumni office, and more than 200 teachers and students attended the forum.
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