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You will never walk alone ︱ Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications happiness open class and "five education simultaneously, beauty of interdisciplinary integration" series of academic activities

2020-05-02 3896937

To the dead
Neruda, Chile
If you're dead
All the leaves will fall on my chest
Rain will strike my soul day and night
Snow will burn my heart
I will walk with cold and fire and death and snow
My feet will go to your sleeping place
But I will live
Because what you want most is that I can
refuse to be cowed or submit
And love
Because you know I'm not alone
It's all people
You will never walk alone
Talk with graduate students about mental health in post virus Era
Winter vacation has come, and college students are on their way back; people who go out to work are also waiting for their return; businesses and stores are preparing nervously, waiting for the large-scale consumption trend of the Spring Festival; families are also making travel or travel plans, expecting a full holiday; and children may be the happiest group of people, because the holiday is their paradise. Who can know that a terrible cloud is approaching mankind?
Novel coronavirus, when white workers are in danger of going to the front of the epidemic, risking their lives, and when there is another most urgent news in the epidemic area, when we know that one after another lives away from us, when we are trapped in a small room at home, when we are staring at all those small new coronaviruses with various protective screens and various electronic screens, we have to realize that I am We are entering the post-virus era.
What era is this? When we look at the world, the large airliners that used to fly in the sky are piled up in the cold and clear airport, and the cruise lines that are busy and interwoven on the sea cannot reach the shore in the port, the international oil price once fell below zero, and even handed over with a negative number, even the Disneyland, which is always full of people's voices, has begun to stop paying staff salaries.
The contemporary college students born after the 1990s witnessed the rapid development of the country and the world. In their eyes, the world has become a small village. In a short holiday, they can fly to a corner of the world and take a walk. The development of the world always seems to be so rapid and endless. Then, the advent of the post virus era seems to crush our imagination. We have seen the mysterious power of nature. We have seen the consequences of the interaction between human beings and nature. We have seen all kinds of reactions and actions in the face of the outbreak. That is to say, we have seen the limitations of human beings.
In the face of intense depression and loss, in the face of serious out of control and helplessness, in the face of numerous obstacles and problems, this is one of the core issues of all our contemporary human beings. However, it is this difficult problem that deeply envelops human beings. Let's once again see the strength of human beings: the doctors and nurses who go forward bravely, the front-line staff who work hard, and the ordinary volunteers who spontaneously help, The psychological workers who are connected 24 hours a long distance, the state-owned enterprises that devote themselves to the production of materials, the rescue funds and materials that swarm in, and all the citizens who are waiting quietly at home, etc. We've never felt so heavy, we've never shared a common hatred, we've never been so united. Even if the physical distance between people needs to be strictly maintained, our hearts have never been so close.
Dear people, the road of these months, we did walk together. It is in the face of this huge disaster that we find our own limitations, as well as the companions we can rely on, and finally find that we never have to walk alone.
After careful discussion and preparation, the research department of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, in cooperation with the mental health education and consulting center, invited director Lu Xiaohua of the mental center to give a lecture on the post-virus era for the vast number of graduate students and talk about the mental health in the post-virus era. Welcome to participate.
You will never walk alone
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
A series of academic activities of "five education simultaneously, beauty of interdisciplinary integration"
And lecture series of "happiness open class"
May 3, 2020 (Sunday)
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Conference No.: 395 620 476
Lu Xiaohua
Chinese Psychological Society
Registered psychologist and registered Supervisor
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
associate professor
Mental health education and counseling center
Director · full time psychological consultant
Lu Xiaohua, associate professor, registered supervisor of Chinese Psychological Society, registered psychologist, director of psychological health education and consulting center of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, full-time psychological consultant, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu college students' psychological professional committee, graduated from Nanjing Normal University, majoring in psychology, research direction: clinical psychology and mental health education, and entered Nanjing post and telecommunications in 2006 University psychological center; participated in and presided over a number of ministerial, provincial and university level topics; received continuous training of Chinese and American Psychological Counseling supervisors, continuous training of Chinese and German Gestalt therapy, new cycle supervision training, continuous training of group psychotherapy in Yalong, China and Europe, continuous training of psychoanalysis in China and Europe, continuous training of systematic family therapy and other professional training, and received long-term psychodynamic training Personal analysis and supervision oriented; participated in the compilation of "advanced course of abnormal psychology" and "psychological consultation and psychotherapy" and other professional works; participated in the translation of "guidance plan for the treatment of personality disorders" and "basis of abnormal psychology" and other professional works.
Consultation, activity, course, classic
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Mental health education and counseling center
Freedom means
Take responsibility for yourself
When you enjoy freedom and joy
And began to bear
The loneliness of being responsible for yourself

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