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Announcement on the recruitment of 147 people in Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications in 2020

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Announcement on the recruitment of 147 people in Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications in 2020
Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications is an institution which is in charge of the Provincial Department of education. Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications is now recruiting outstanding talents for the public in order to better select talents suitable for the post, enrich the talent team and optimize the teacher structure. In accordance with the measures of Jiangsu Province on public recruitment of public institutions and other provisions, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
I. application conditions
1. Have the nationality of the people's Republic of China and abide by the Constitution and laws of the people's Republic of China.
2. Abide by laws and disciplines, conduct well, unite and cooperate, respect the industry and the public, and be honest and upright.
3. Adapt to the physical conditions required by the post, and be able to engage in front-line teaching and scientific research.
  4. The age requirement is: the age of doctoral students is no more than 40 years old (i.e. born after January 1, 1980), among which, the age of urgently needed professionals (see the "other instructions" in the job table) can be relaxed by 5 years old (i.e. born after January 1, 1975), the age of deputy senior professional technical posts is no more than 45 years old (i.e. born after January 1, 1975), and those with senior professional technical posts No more than 50 years old (i.e. born after January 1, 1970).
5. Have the professional and technical qualifications required by the post (see the post table for details). Graduates should graduate before March 31, 2021 and obtain corresponding academic degrees. Graduates of teaching and scientific research institutions at home and abroad studying at the same time refer to those studying in teaching and scientific research institutions at home and abroad and graduating at the same time with domestic fresh graduates. The time requirement for graduation at the same time is the same as that of domestic fresh graduates.
6. Taiwan students who have obtained full-time college education in mainland China and other Taiwan residents who have obtained the recognized education in mainland China shall apply in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state and our province.
II. Application
(I) application time and method
Candidates apply through the "open recruitment platform of public institutions affiliated to Jiangsu Province", upload photos and conduct preliminary qualification examination synchronously through the network. Application website: www.sydwzk.jshrss.gov.cn.
1. Registration and photo upload time: 09:00, March 11-16:00, December 30, 2020;
2. Qualification preliminary examination time: 09:00, March 12-16:00, December 31, 2020;
(II) online confirmation
(1) applicants can go to the application website 24 hours after submitting the application information online (weekends, holidays, school winter and summer holidays will be postponed) to check whether they have passed the preliminary qualification examination of the recruitment department (unit).
(2) no application fee and examination fee will be charged for this open recruitment, and registration will be successful after passing the preliminary examination.
(3) if the applicant fails to confirm the application qualification and upload photos on time, the application shall be deemed invalid.
(III) precautions for application
1. According to the job requirements and online prompts, the candidates fill in the relevant information truthfully, and upload their recent two inch (35 × 45mm) certificate photo of bareheaded front, in JPG format, with the size of less than 20KB.
When applying, applicants should fill in their own research direction, papers and works published as the first author (indicating the journal name, year, issue and page number of the first author) and research topics (indicating the research funds and other information) in the column of "study and work experience".
The recruitment department (company) reviews the information provided by the candidate. Once the applicant is verified, he / she will be disqualified.
2. The recruitment post is a long-term recruitment post, without setting the opening proportion. After 10 working days since the announcement, the assessment procedure will be started irregularly according to the post registration situation, and the period of validity of the post registration is up to December 30, 2020. The school will timely announce the recruitment results of each period, and at the end of each quarter, report the progress and vacancy of post recruitment on Jiangsu human resources and social security network and the portal website of the unit.
3. Candidates can only select one position registration from the position table. After passing the preliminary qualification examination, the registration information cannot be changed. Candidates who fail to pass the preliminary qualification examination may report to other positions that meet the qualification conditions during the application period. Applicants should use the second generation ID card within the validity period for registration. The registration and the ID card used in the examination hall must be the same.
4. Applicants are not allowed to apply under any of the following circumstances:
(1) the active servicemen and the college students are not fresh graduates;
② if the applicant has a conjugal relationship, direct blood relationship, collateral blood relationship within three generations, close in marriage relationship and other relatives to be avoided, he / she shall not apply for a management position with direct superior subordinate leadership relationship, or a position to be avoided as required by regulations on personnel management avoidance of public institutions.
If the person in charge of the employing unit and the public recruitment staff have the above-mentioned kinship with the applicant, or there are other circumstances that may affect the fairness of the public recruitment, they shall be avoided.
③ the personnel who have not been released from disciplinary punishment or are undergoing disciplinary review, the personnel whose time limit for criminal punishment has not expired or who are under investigation for suspected illegal crime;
④ personnel who are not allowed to apply for relevant positions in public institutions according to other regulations of the state and the province.
III. examination method, time and implementation method
Before the examination, the school will review the qualifications of the candidates, and the candidates must submit the following original and copies:
1. The highest education background, degree certificate, ID card, professional and technical post qualification certificate;
2. The domestic fresh graduates shall provide the two-way employment recommendation form for graduates uniformly printed by the provincial education administrative department issued by their colleges and universities; the academic degree certificates outside the country (Overseas) shall be certified by the China Service Center for studying abroad of the Ministry of education; if there is any doubt about the educational degree certificates inside the country (Overseas), they shall be certified by the service center for enrollment and employment guidance of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province.
The examination method is trial speaking, which mainly assesses the professional knowledge, professional ability and comprehensive quality required by the candidates to perform their duties. The trial lecture shall be carried out in accordance with the assessment method formulated by Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications. The total assessment score is 100 points, and the qualified line is 60 points. The results of the trial lecture were announced on the spot.
The recruitment (from the deadline of application to the publicity of the list of proposed employees) is planned to be completed within 60 working days. (if it fails to be completed within 60 working days, the reason will be explained when the list of personnel to be employed is publicized).
IV. employment
After the examination, the total score of the candidates shall be determined according to the calculation method of the total score. Among the qualified persons in each single examination (test), the physical examination personnel shall be determined from high score to low score according to the proportion of 1:1 of the number of people to be recruited in the recruitment post. The standard of physical examination shall be implemented in accordance with the general standard of physical examination for recruitment of national civil servants (for Trial Implementation). In case of vacancy of recruitment post due to disqualification of physical examination and other reasons, the qualified personnel in the assessment shall take part in physical examination from high score to low score.
The employer shall organize the assessment of the qualified personnel, and determine the list of personnel to be employed according to the assessment and physical examination results. The list of personnel to be employed will be published on the website of human resources and social security of Jiangsu Province for 7 working days. The publicity contents include post number, recruitment unit, post name, name of the personnel to be employed, graduation college, current work unit, all results, total results, ranking of recruitment examination, etc.
For those who have no objection to the public announcement, after being put on record by the provincial human resources and social security department, the employer shall handle the relevant employment procedures for them, sign an employment contract with them, and stipulate the probation period. If an employment contract of more than three years is concluded with a person who is initially employed, the probation period shall be 12 months. Upon the expiration of the probation period, those who pass the assessment shall be assigned posts and ranks; those who fail the assessment shall be disqualified from employment and the employment contract shall be terminated. After the filing and approval, it will not be supplemented.
Under any of the following circumstances, the school will cancel the employment qualification:
1. Personnel without work unit do not sign the employment contract with the school within 15 working days after the school informs them to sign the employment contract;
2. The fresh graduates are unable to obtain the corresponding academic degree certificate before the time specified in this announcement;
3. The on-the-job personnel can't provide the certificate to terminate the relationship with the original unit.
V. recruitment policy consultation
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications personnel office is responsible for answering the recruitment policy consultation.
Tel: 025-85866291
Contact person: Mr. Zhang
Vi. recruitment supervision
The Discipline Inspection Commission of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications and the office of supervision commissioner are responsible for the discipline supervision of the recruitment.
Discipline inspection supervision Tel.: 025-85866836
Contact: Mr. Zhong
VII. Recruitment report
Jiangsu Provincial Department of education and Jiangsu Provincial Department of human resources and social security accept public recruitment reports from public institutions.
1. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education
Report email: jytrsc@ec.js.edu.cn,
Tel. & Fax: 025-83335135.
2. Department of human resources and social security of Jiangsu Province
Report email: syzpjb@jshrss.gov.cn,
Tel. & Fax: 025-8323072383236078.
Appendix: open recruitment position list of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, Jiangsu Province, 2020.xlsx
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