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348 points of postgraduate entrance examination are not allowed to enter the second round examination. Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications has places for adjustment. Please collect them

2020-05-02 3896849

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1. Candidate information: Hello, teacher. My child has applied for the power engineering major of energy and Power College of Shanghai University of science and technology, with a total score of 329, English II 59, politics 62, Mathematics II 82, professional course 126, and has entered the retest line. Would you like to know more about admission? If you want to adjust, please give me some advice! Undergraduate is Shandong University of science and technology, thank you for your hard work!
There is a direction for energy and power major of Shanghai University of technology, which is power engineering. This year's retest score line is 318 points, 37 points and 56 points for a single subject. Your child's score has crossed the line, but the ranking can only be in the middle and back.
Looking at 130 students enrolled in this major, your child is hopeful. It should be no problem to grasp the retest. This year's retest will take the network retest and prepare the equipment in advance.
Adjustment information: in addition, candidates for adjustment should pay attention to Shandong University of science and technology. In previous years, there have been adjustment places. Full-time academic degree, professional degree and part-time professional degree graduate students receive adjustment students. Full-time graduate students can be transferred to part-time graduate students. Engineering, science, literature, economics and other disciplines will have opportunities.
2. Candidate information: Hello, teacher: my child has applied for the accounting major of Hunan Normal University. This year, he has a master's degree of 222 points and an English 74 management joint examination of 148. Can he enter the interview? Graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University.
Hunan Normal University in 2020, the minimum score of Accounting Master entering the second round exam is 230. If your child does not enter the second round exam, would you like to go to the South or the north?
Reallocation information: looking at the reallocation information of Sichuan Agricultural University, examinees of Agronomy, forestry, management, food, law and art are concerned. In the past years, there were 22 reallocation places for Agronomy and seed industry, 12 reallocation places for resource utilization and plant protection, 7 reallocation places for master of forestry, and almost 3 for other majors. Candidates should pay attention in time.
3. Examinee information: Hello, teacher, my child applied for the Northeast University. He is a professional, electronic information major and computer technology major. Mathematics 86, politics 83, English 70, majors 109, total 348, can you take the second round exam? Thank you for your reply. Thank you.
The highest score of computer technology orientation of electronic information major in Northeast University is 409, and the lowest score is 397. Five people entered the retest. Your child can't get into the retest, can only adjust, consider adjusting?
If you think about it, you can pay attention to Shandong University of science and technology, Sichuan Agricultural University, Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, and make a decision as soon as possible. For information about the adjustment, you can see my homepage.
4. Candidate information: Hello, child's total score is 313, political 65, English 52, number one 82, major 114, apply for Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, communication major. After graduating from Wuhan University, is there any hope for further examination? Thank you very much.
Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications communication and information system 2020 retest score line 323 points, single subject score requirements 37 points, 56 points. Your child can't enter the retest, because the undergraduate course is a 985 college, and there are certain advantages in the reallocation. You can pay attention to some 211 colleges and universities, and there are certain reallocation places, but you need to make early plans, because this year's retest will use the network interview, most colleges and universities will not conduct multiple retests as in previous years, and try to finish the retest once.
Reallocation information: the reallocation information of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications has been released. There are places in the school of electronic and optical engineering, the school of microelectronics, the Research Institute of information materials and nanotechnology, the school of materials science and engineering, and the school of science. There will be opportunities for both a master's degree and a master's degree. Among them, the number of electronic information majors is relatively large, and the school should be contacted in time to understand the specific situation.

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