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IOTA 201-1 Octamethyltrisiloxane

    IOTA 201-1 Octamethyltrisiloxane
    Description and Application

    IOTA 201-1CST Pure Silicone Fluid is a 100% linear Polydimethylsiloxane composed mainly of Octamethyltrisiloxane (CAS#107‐51‐7) with a viscosity of 1cSt @ 25°C. The fluid is clear, colorless and essentially odorless.

    IOTA 201-1CST Pure Silicone Fluid is characterized by its low viscosity, high rate of evaporation, low pour point (‐100°C), low VTC (viscosity change at temperature), low surface tension (high spreadability), and good lubrication. In closed systems, it is an low temperature bath fluid and low temperature heat transfer fluid.

    IOTA 201-1CST Pure Silicone Fluid (Trisiloxane) is also used in a number of personal  care products due to its good spreading and unique evaporation characteristics. It features good solubility in anhydrous alcohols and in a wide variety of solvents. In addition, it leaves no residue or build‐up, has a transient effect, and a non‐greasy feel.

    Technical index

    Chemical name: Octamethyltrisiloxane

    CAS No. : 107‐51‐7

    INCI Name: Trisiloxane

    Appearance:  Clear, colorless & odorless fluid

    Viscosity, 25°C: 1cst

    Specific Gravity: 0.818

    Flash Point: 37C

    Refractive Index : 1.3825


    Super low viscosity, viscosity of water

    good Lubrication

    Low Surface Tension

    High Spreadability

    High Compressibility

    high evaporation, good carrying agent

    Clear, Colorless, Odorless

    Low Temp Performance

    Low Pour Point: ‐100°C

    VOC Exempt


    200L drum, 170kg net weight.

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